Your Audience. Your Walled Garden.

Innovative Publishers use ADfits to launch audience loyalty campaigns that create new revenue streams, grow traffic, and deliver quantifiable ROI to advertising clients.


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We've Built an Exclusive Marketplace Outside the Ad Tech Ecosystem to Help You

Build a Walled Garden Around Your Audience

ADfits is the only marketplace that protects, empowers, and rewards your audience within your own walled-garden of first party data. The myRewards Platform enables you to launch audience loyalty campaigns that deliver 13x ad engagement versus traditional banner ads, a 342% increase in time spent on site, an increase in daily repeat traffic, and MORE...

When was the last time an ad on your site worked this hard for YOU???

Publishers give away 60% of their ad revenue to traditional ad networks/middle-tech, and a further 10% to 30% to ad fraud, ad blocking, and non-viewable impressions. It's time to earn back your audience & revenue!

Test Drive the ADfits Marketplace for FREE

  • Establish brand NEW revenue streams instantly (with turn-key mobile responsive HTML5 campaigns).

  • Build loyalty and get your audience coming back to your site DAILY

  • Use first-party data and rich campaign analytics to gain insights into your audience and their brand preferences

  • Make your content GO VIRAL with built-in social amplification

  • Grow your email subscribers and attract repeat advertising dollars with opted-in retargeting

  • And MORE!

>> Plus, start earning revenue with 10 FREE campaigns (over $1,565 in value!)*

The ADfits Marketplace is ideal for:


Minimum 30K visitors per month with a segment driven audience i.e. moms, beauty, lifestyle, travel, food, etc.


Small local Publishers with a hyper-local audience i.e. local newspapers, local magazines, local community sites, etc. (no traffic minimums if hyper-local)


Enterprise-level Publishers with high traffic, wide reach, and a national or international audience i.e. CNN, NYTimes, Forbes, etc.